I never teach my pupils; I only provide the conditions in which they can learn.
— Albert Einstein

Current statistics on depression, anxiety and stress disorders among university students clearly indicate that we are missing the mark when it comes to wellness and that we can no longer afford to maintain the status quo. A survey of over 25,000 Ontario university and college   students found that 65% experienced overwhelming anxiety in the previous year and 46% reported feeling so depressed it was difficult to function.*

Alexa and Silvana design and facilitate workshops for forward-thinking educational institutions who want to address the growing concerns surrounding mental health issues at school and the related costs of stress, anxiety, depression and burnout so that they can demonstrate social responsibility while protecting and enhancing their student success and wellbeing.

Our ability to deliver an informative, engaging and inspiring presentation with conviction and authenticity comes from a personal understanding of what it means to survive debilitating depression and to come out the other side and learn to thrive. We understand what it’s like to be a high-functioning student who is getting by but not operating at their peak and what it costs one’s mental health in the long run. Together we offer a unique combination of lived experience and personal development knowledge with a current, timely, and relevant perspective on the challenges facing university students today. 


*Ontario University and College Health Association, 2016